Understand fat loss first!

So you decided to shed those extra inches from your body!

Well done…

First of all I want to ask you a question. 

Do you really think that following a diet and workout regime for a few weeks will give you the results you desired? 

If yes…

Then do you think they are going to be permanent results? 

There are so many people around the social media trying to help and motivate you to get in a better shape and enjoy a disease free and healthy life.

Some of you join different diet programs and achieve great results too… 


What happens when the duration of program ends? You just put your body and habits in reverse gear and end up at the place from where you started.  

woman eating from plate

What is the reason behind it?    

It’s just because you adopted the program as a task not as a lifestyle…

Today you are attracted to junk, spicy and oily foods just because you have never tasted the joy of hormones and chemicals that are released in our body when we workout and eat clean.

Your decision and its implementation is important. So you need to decide first whether you want to make it a lifestyle or not.

I know you are going to read this post further only if you want to do so…

In this post we are going to focus mostly on fat loss …

So lets directly dive in…

  • How you are going to do it?
  • How many meals a day?
  • What to eat in each meal?
  • How much workout?
  • What kind of workouts?
  • How much time will it take?

How are you going to do it?

You need to focus first on a few things to get started :

Proper nutrition that fits into your budget:

Please don’t go beyond your budget by throwing away your hard earned money on the things that you cannot continue for a longer period. 

Remember, here we are deciding to get fit for the rest of our life and developing a lifestyle, not just temporary adjustments to get in shape. 

So go ahead, make a budget first…

Follow the Sun :

As the sun rises it signals our body to produce a set of hormones to perform different functions. For example, a hormone cortisol  is very important  for waking us up and start raising our body temperature to kickstart our digestion and other metabolism processes to start our day. 

This is why everyone suggest to eat most of the part of your daily nutrition in the breakfast.

As the sun takes its journey towards the sunset our cortisol levels start dropping and our body temperature, digestion and other metabolic activities begin to slow down.

This is why you need to eat less calories after the sun sets

Respect your melatonin and sleep well:

Another important hormone works in coordination with the sun pattern, i.e. Melatonin.

After sunset , Melatonin levels in our blood start increasing and prepare our body to rest and sleep. By 10 or 10.30 pm melatonin level remains at its peak. 

So it is the best practice to go to sleep by 9.30 or 10 pm to take advantage of your hormone.

When you go to sleep, other hormones like Growth hormone etc. come into play and help our body and organs to heal and repair.

So it is advised to sleep at least ‘6 to 7’ hours at night to give our body enough time to heal and repair to function properly the next day.

How many meals a day?

Well the answer is very simple.

As many meals as you can fit into your appetite and schedule according to your budget. The portions of food in the plate will variate according to that.

But to do this you need to find your maintenance calories first.

Here is a simple calculator that will give you a rough idea of how many calories you need for the maintenance of your body.

Now, for example you need 2000 kcal as maintenance calories.

So you can divide these calories in 3 major meals and two snacking meals.


Breakfast :                   600 kcal

Morning snack  :        200 kcal

Lunch :                         550 kcal

Evening snack :          250 kcal

Dinner :                        400 kcal

TOTAL :                 2000 kcal

What to eat in each meal?

You need to include complex carbohydrates (brown rice, brown bread, oats, etc.) , proteins (chicken, egg, fish, milk products, etc.)  and  fats (Desi ghee, coconut oil, mustard oil, etc.) in ratio such that about 80% calories should be from your carbohydrates and proteins and rest from fats.

For example in breakfast, out of 600 calories, 300 calories should be from carbs, 200 calories from proteins and rest 100 calories from fats.

How much workout?

It depends on your goals and availability of time.

You need to burn a minimum of around 200 to 300 calories to create a calorie deficit to facilitate your body to undergo fat loss.

You can go up to 500 to 600 calories to burn to gain good results faster. But for this you need a vigorous workout.

A minimum of 15 mins and a maximum of 75 mins should be considered for workouts.

What kind of workouts? 

You need to design your workouts smartly in such a way that you lose fat as well as focus on muscle maintenance so that you can get into the shape you always wanted.

For this you need to incorporate 15 mins of cardio before and  15 mins after your resistance training.

Know the details of how to design workout for maximising fat loss…

How much time will it take:

woman girl silhouette jogger
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

To lose 0.5 kg fat you need to burn around 3700 to 3750 calories.

So you can do your own maths. If you burn 625 calories a day out of your maintenance calories then you will loose 1 kg of fat in 2 weeks. That’s simple…

Trust me you just need to take just 1 step i.e  A DECISION and rest will come into its structure..

All the best…

Cheers to a healthy life 😊

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